Martha Zschock is the author and illustrator of many children’s books and products. She is a former elementary school teacher and loves to continue taking children on field trips through her “Journey Around” and “Hello!” series of books.  She lives on Cape Cod with her family.  Here's her story... 


I began my career as an author and illustrator at the age of two in my studio behind the living room curtains. My talents were not discovered until my mother redecorated. Like any good mother, she called my grandmother who agreed that a great talent had been discovered. My twin sister Heather and I were given all the supplies and encouragement we needed to create great works of art and we loved it!


We spent our childhood making things, creating stories that we acted out, playing school, and taking trips with our parents. When I graduated from college, I wanted to write and illustrate children’s books, but everyone said I was too young. I became a teacher because I also loved children and when I turned 30, I decided that I was now old enough to become an author and illustrator, so I did!


While exploring Cape Cod on field trips with my students, I collected materials and interesting tidbits of information that I included in my book. When it was published, “Journey Around Cape Cod from A to Z” was applauded (literally) by my students and cheered by colleagues, librarians, and booksellers!

When my daughters Bevin and Avery were born, I retired from teaching, but continued the journey of creating books that teachers and parents can use to help kids love, explore, and become “instant experts” on the places they live and play.

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My sister Heather is a designer at Peter Pauper Press and I often work with her on projects including their very successful line of Scratch & Sketch books. She has a son named Jake who looks a lot like my girls and who served as the model for my baby character in the "Hello!" series!


And, as it turns out, my daughters and my nephew love to do a lot of the things we liked to do when we were little, and our houses are now beautifully decorated with their wonderful works of art!


Wishing you many happy journeys!