Journey Around Our National Parks


From Acadia to Zion, Martha Day Zschock's latest title, "Journey Around Our National Parks," takes readers on an alphabetical exploration of America's special places. This beautifully illustrated, meticulously researched journey introduces armchair travelers to the natural, historic, and cultural wonders of our national parks. Along the way, visit Yellowstone, our first national park, the patriotic sites within our nation's capital, Florida's Everglades, desert landscapes, underwater habitats, the majestic Grand Canyon, the towering heads of four famous presidents at Mount Rushmore, and many many more. With over 400 park sites, a new adventure is always just around the corner! Follow friendly rangers as they point out interesting sites along the way, and stop by the side of the path to read wayside signs that immerse readers into the true national park experience– You'll soon discover why our national parks are often referred to as, "America's Best Idea!"   

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Life is a great adventure... accept it in such a spirit." –Theodore Roosevelt

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks." –John Muir